Keller Landscape is located in Littleton, Colorado. If you are an interested client, contact and schedule a free consultation to determine your specific needs as a homeowner.

What are your favorite natural elements? What are your favorite perennials? Do you currently have a family with children? Do you intend to use renewable resources? Do you host parties often or do you prefer privacy? Our initial meeting serves to illuminate the project and to set the stage for conceptualization.

You are encouraged to explain in full your personal vision of how you want your property to look and feel (the more details, the better). Our team can then begin to sketch together a plan of action and offer suggestions. Whether you have minimalistic tendancies or a flair for the grandiose, the finished product will stand as an outward expression of your individuality.

To schedule your free landscape consultation, call Keller Landscape at 720.205.2257, or email Keller Landscape at


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