Since 1986 our company has been blending earth, stone, plant, and water like hues from a painterís palette to create private sanctuaries.

Condensing the breathtaking, expansive elements of the Colorado outdoors into all encompassing sub-environments designed to serve the specific needs of the homeowner is Keller Landscape's specialty.

Each unique composition is crafted with the intention of sculpting a soothing presence while emphasizing harmony between the home and the surrounding environment. This unparalleled approach meshes a home with its acreage into a cohesive tapestry of shape and color with the tones of nature as common threads.

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"Keller Landscape has done numerous jobs for us over the past 10 years. Everything from ripping out our front yard and starting over to updating and refreshing the remaining landscaping. Torval is both knowledgeable and creative. He worked with us to create a design that fit our life style and transformed our yard into an outdoor living space. Every time the crew came to our home I was continually impressed with their talent, and hard work. They are polite, professional and work really hard to complete the project in a timely manner."

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"Recently we sold our home and much to our surprise the neighbors call our house the 'flower house' which is an accomplishment due to the amount of deer, elk, and rabbits that roam the neighborhood. After moving to our new home we discovered there were grade issues. Torval and his crew came in and fixed the grade, added a putting green, boulders, lighting, and updated the landscaping. Our family is looking forward to working with Keller Landscaping to add a water feature, fire pit and other embellishments to our outdoor living space."

- Shannon S.

Keller Landscapeís approach reflects many styles. In the interest of adaptability, our stylistic range includes Western Chaos, Contemporary, Mediterranean, European, Formal and Chateau. Flexibility with style allows our work to achieve harmony with the existing land, the home, the neighborhood, and most importantly the clientís expectations.
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