Keller Landscape is a full service, comprehensive landscape contractor, landscape design firm, and landscape builder. Our services are all inclusive and run the gamut from concept to completion. Below is a list of services and materials we offer to help prospective clients understand what we do and what to expect...

Hand drawn plans and blueprints.

Tree planting.

Outdoor kitchen, bar, and fireplace.

Outdoor garden structure.

Interior fireplace.

Window well detail, seen from inside includes petrified wood and yucca.

Firepit with flagstone and petrified wood.
- Designs and architectural drawings, property surveying

- Grading, berming, land-shaping

- Irrigation systems and timers

- Swimming pools, pumps, filtration, pool patio areas

- Spa and hot tubs, pumps and filtration

- Water features, fountains, waterfalls, ponds, streams

- Outbuildings and structures, including pool houses, pergolas, trellises

- Hardscapes

- Xeriscapes

- Cut flagstone patios, rough hewn flagstone patios

- Stamped concrete and standard concrete patios

- Outdoor kitchens, bars, patio areas, and recreation areas

- Landscape plant selection and placement, including Colorado annuals, perennials, shrubs, and groundcovers

- Unique and "exotic" plant selection and placement, including giant yucca, character pines

- Standard design elements, including boulders, rock, cobble, river rock, breeze, etc.

- Unique design elements, including fossils (nautilus, track pieces, etc.), petrified wood

- Giant boulders

- Retaining walls

- Tree planting, existing tree relocation

- Use of deadwood, skulls, and other southwestern elements

- Mulchbeds, rockbeds

- Sod areas, lawns

- Addressing "dead" or unusable areas (wildflower seed, native plants and placement

- Outdoor sculptures and accent pieces

- Indoor and outdoor fireplaces, outdoor firepits

- Children's playareas, putting greens, sport courts

- Vegetable gardens, edible plants, fruit trees

- Privacy walls, fences, and vegetation

- Decks

- Stairs, pathways

- Wood, stone, brick, and metal outdoor structures

- Outdoor lighting

- Utility line relocation

- Permits

Giant Yucca.

Fossilized footprints detail.

Berming, grading, landshaping.

Petrified wood.

Pool, staircase, and patios.

Outdoor bar and kitchen with petrified wood components and fossils embedded.

Outdoor bar and kitchen with petrified wood components and fossils embedded.

Large tree relocation.

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